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Luminous HD Complete Brush Set

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The IRIS 14-piece brush set is the only kit you'll need for all your make-up looks. Create a perfect chiselled and flawless base with the 9 Luminous HD Face brushes, while the 5 Luminous Eye brushes can be used for endless eye looks, from basic eyes to full glam! All the tools are of world-class quality and are ergonomically designed with firmly packed, dense bristles that work perfectly well for liquid, powder, and cream-based products. The brushes come in a leather case for hassle-free use while you’re on the go.
  • Set of 14 brushes
  • 9 Luminous HD Face brushes and 5 Luminous Eye brushes
  • For face and eyes
  • Synthetic fibres
  • Cruelty-free
  • Comes with Iris Leather Case

    Store in a cool place. For external use only.

    Luminous HD Complete Brush Set
    Luminous HD Complete Brush Set
    Luminous HD Complete Brush Set
    Luminous HD Complete Brush Set
    Luminous HD Complete Brush Set


    Luminous HD Foundation Brush – For a flawless base that will change the game! Meet your foundation’s perfect partner, the Luminous HD Foundation Brush. Its firmly packed, dense bristles and the large flat top makes it quicker and easier than ever to blend liquid, powder and cream-based foundation.

    Luminous HD Powder Brush – The Luminous HD Powder Brush is the perfect tool to use when looking to lock in all the hard work you’ve done crafting your makeup look! Simply sweep on your favourite loose powder or compact and forget about streaky lines and oily shine!

    Luminous HD Contour Brush – For a razor-sharp contour that kills, the Luminous HD Contour Brush delivers the perfect amount of product onto the cheeks to effortlessly sculpt your facial features. With every sweep and flick, the firm, densely packed bristles and ergo-dynamic handle makes it easy to manage all your face shaping needs.

    Luminous HD Highlighting Brush – For a subtle, ‘lit from within’ glow, to an all-out incandescent radiance, the Luminous HD Highlighter Brush is the one make-up brush that does it all!

    Luminous HD Concealer Brush – Trying to cover up a break-out or conceal dark circles? Make sure you’re using the right tool for the job. The flexible yet densely packed bristles of the Luminous HD Concealer Brush allow you to distribute the product evenly in every nook and crease of the face with maximum control.

    Luminous HD Nose Contour Brush – Getting a perfectly chiselled nose with a natural, real-life finish is no mean feat! With the Luminous HD Contour Brush’s ergo-dynamic handle and fine bristles, you can avoid joining the ranks of contour casualties.

    Luminous HD Eyebrow/Lipstick Brush – Fun fact for all of you trying to make a lasting impression: Perfectly shaped brows are more important than even your eyes! Give a jolt of confidence to yourself with a pair of bold and perfectly lined lips! You absolutely cannot go wrong with the two most expressive and key features that make your face stand out. The Luminous HD Eyebrow/Lipstick Brush is the perfect tool to help you master both.

    Luminous HD Spot Concealer Brush – Struggling to cover a badass blemish or conceal a pesky pimple? It is an art to covering up an angry spot, but it’s easy when you have the Luminous HD Spot Concealer Brush in your arsenal! This tool with its flat edge and densely packed bristles will help you achieve a flawless complexion in a flash.

    Luminous HD Precision Highlight Applicator Brush – Looking to add some major luminosity to your face? A few hints of perfectly placed highlighter can instantly open up the look of your eyes, define your face and create symmetry. Bring your features in focus with the Luminous HD Precision Highlight Applicator and get your glam game on point!

    Luminous Eye Shadow Blending Brush – A must-have in your make-up arsenal, the IRIS Eye Shadow Blending Brush makes it easy to create beautiful looks with a flawless finish! The angled design and soft, full fibres make this a true multitasker – use it for applying, contouring and blending eye shadows of all formulas.

    Luminous Eye Shadow Crease Brush – The IRIS Eye Shadow Crease Brush is a staple that the best make-up artists swear by! Its tapered head and good, fluffy bristles allow you to apply colour all over the lids, as well as shading and blending for a seamless finish. Use it with a deft hand for the perfect diffused effect.

    Luminous Eye Shadow Flat Shader Brush- For those rich, super-glam shimmer pigments, the IRIS Eye Shadow Shimmer/Glitter Brush will help you with amazing application and turn you from a novice to pro in no time! This carefully shaped brush has firm fibres and a rounded edge to easily pick up the pigments and firmly pack them on to the lid, for a smooth, even finish and minimum shedding and fall-out.

    Luminous Eye Shadow Pencil Brush – The perfect tool for a quick, ‘on the go’ smoky eye!
    The IRIS Eye Shadow Pencil Brush, with its smooth fibres and tapered, pencil-shaped tip helps smoke out shadows with precision, soften pencil and gel liners, and also add highlight to the inner corner of the eyes.
    No mean feat this!

    Luminous Eye Shadow Angled Brush – For sharp and perfectly lined eyes that don’t quit, the Luminous Eye Shadow Angled Brush is set to be your constant companion. Be it powder, liquid or gel liners, the flat shape, precisely angled tip and firm edge helps the product move easily and smoothly to help create a defined look.

    How to Use

    Luminous HD Foundation Brush

    • For cream/liquid foundation, we recommend dotting the product wherever you need, then using the brush to blend it out in small, circular motions.
    • For powder-based foundation, the product can either be pressed into the skin or swept over in small, circular motions for a natural, sheer coverage.
    • Continue the circular motion on areas where you want the maximum coverage. The dense bristles will ensure a perfectly blended, streak-free look.
    • The Luminous HD Foundation Brush can also be used in a similar fashion for bronzer and powder which makes it a win, win!

    Luminous HD Powder Brush

    • Even out the cream/liquid/powder with the Luminous HD Powder Brush with very soft strokes.
    • Powder/Compact can either be pressed into the skin or swept over in soft, circular motions to distribute loose powder evenly across your face without dispensing too much product. Tap off the excess product before using sweeping motions to brush it across the face.

    Luminous HD Contour Brush

    • While using cream/liquid/powder based product with the Luminous HD Contour Brush – ideally angled, start by sculpting under the cheekbones and along the hairline.
    • Always tap excess powder off the brush before applying it below your cheekbones or jaw.
    • Place the brush bottom down on your face and blend
      downwards so you’re working with the flow of the brush and not against it.
    • Designed to mimic the curve of the cheekbones, the brush
      works perfectly with blush as well as bronzer.

    Luminous HD Highlighting Brush

    • For powders, the bristles in the Luminous HD Highlighter Brush picks up comparatively lesser product hence offering a sheer application while applying it on your cheekbones.
    • For liquid/cream highlighter, the synthetic bristles give a medium to intense application due to its ability to easily blend without absorbing excess product.Use it in a stippling motion to evenly press the product onto the skin for a beautiful, full-glam look.
    • It can be used to dust on finishing powder or powder blush.

    Luminous HD Concealer Brush

    • Apply concealer below the eyes with a patting motion.
    • Then press it in using the flat end of the brush. To avoid cracking and creasing, do not smear or drag.
    • For a brightened under eye, apply concealer in a V-shape rather than U-shape and blend outwards.

    Luminous HD Nose Contour Brush

    • Use the fine tip of the Luminous HD Nose Contour brush to pick the product for accuracy and high definition. Tap/wipe off any excess.
    • Draw contour lines beginning at the brow bone and going all the way to the end of your nose. Repeat on the other side of your nose.
    • Then follow the number one rules when it comes to contouring, blending. Blend outwards from the centre of your nose. Keep blending until all the harsh lines are softened.

    Luminous HD Eyebrow/Lipstick

    Brush For your brows:

    • Dip your Luminous HD Eyebrow/Lipstick Brush in your cream/powder based product and tap of the excess.
    • Start in the centre and work your way out to the edges of your brow. Place your brush at the arch of your eyebrow. Move it out towards your nose and upwards towards your forehead in short, feathery motions. Do not draw straight lines.
    • Return the brush to the arch. Move it towards your ear and upward towards your forehead in short, feathery motions.
    • Pull the brush upwards and through your brows several times
    • Repeat on your other brow.

    For your lips:

    • Dip your brush into a lip pot or tube of your lipstick.
    • Use the tip of the brush and define your lips by using it as a lip liner. The square edge of the bristles on the top will let you finish the small strokes with finesse.
    • Now fill your lips in by using the body of the brush for blending it perfectly.
    • The long handle provides optimum control over the amount of product deposited on the lip.
    • For a simple lipstick or lip gloss application, start at the centre of your lips and blend product out toward your lip line.
    • To get a crisp finish, use the tip of the brush to define the lip lines at the bows and corners.

    Luminous HD Spot Concealer Brush

    • For colour correction, apply a very small amount of colour corrector on the brush. Do stipple motions to lightly layer the product and let it dry before moving on to the next step.
    • Avoid applying too much concealer in one go as this will
      draw more attention to the area.
    • Apply in a few thin layers and use a patting, not swiping,motion.
    • Once it’s covered from all angles, blend away the edges using the brush.
    • If used over foundation, finish off with a sweep of setting powder.

    Luminous HD Precision Highlight Applicator Brush

    •  For a powder highlighter, swirl your Luminous HD Precision Highlight Applicator Brush in the product, tap off the excess, then lightly blend the brush over your cheekbones, brow bones, Cupid’s bow, inner corner of the eyes and anywhere else the light naturally hits your face.
    • The dome bristles work together to densely apply the product, creating a natural glow.
    • For liquid/cream highlight, the synthetic bristles give a medium to intense application due to its ability to easily blend without absorbing excess product.
    • For liquid/cream, use it in a stippling motion to evenly press onto the skin for beautiful glossy and smooth coverage.

    Luminous Eye Shadow Blending Brush

    • For powder/cream shadows, pick up the desired amount of product with the IRIS Eye Shadow Blending Brush and gently sweep the colour across your lid for a soft, sheer and even application.
    • The full, angled shape makes it easier to also use the brush to blend a darker shade into the crease and contour your lid.

    Luminous Eye Shadow Crease Brush

    • Pick up the product with the IRIS Eye Shadow Crease Brush and apply over the entire lid. Using a sweeping motion, move the brush back and forth to blend evenly for a wash of colour.
    • Use the brush to apply colour in the crease. The shape helps distributes shadow evenly, hugging perfectly along the crease.

    Luminous Eye Shadow Flat Shader Brush

    • After your base lid is done, carefully pick a small amount of glitter/shimmer pigment on the brush and start patting the same onto the centre of the lid, moving outwards. Blend out the edges with the IRIS Eye Shadow Crease Brush.
    • For cream shadows and even eye shadow primer, smooth on the product on the lid seamlessly for a diffused finish.

    Luminous Eye Shadow Pencil Brush

    • Apply your favourite eye pencil or gel liner on your top and bottom lash line, and swiftly use the IRIS Eye Shadow Pencil Brush to smudge, soften and blur out the lines.
    • Push additional colour into the outer corners of the eye and blend it further for added intensity.
    • The brush can also be used for precision shading on the lid and in the eye crease.
    • The tip acts as the perfect tool to add highlight to the inner corner of the eyes for a beautifully brightened effect. 

    Luminous Eye Shadow Angled Brush

    • Using your favourite eye liner base, pick the product up with the Luminous Eyeshadow Angled Brush and apply it to the top and bottom lash lines.
    • Use controlled strokes for added definition to achieve a sharp, smooth and fluid line.
    • You can also use the brush with concealer to clean up and further define your eye look.


    What are the brushes made of?

    Our brushes are crafted from high-quality synthetic ensuring durability and optimal performance.

    Are the brushes suitable for all skin types?

    Yes, our brushes are designed to be versatile and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

    How do I clean the brushes?

    To clean the brushes, we recommend using a gentle brush cleanser or mild shampoo with lukewarm water. Gently swirl the brushes in the solution, rinse thoroughly, and allow them to air dry.

    Can the brushes be used with liquid, cream, and powder products?

    Absolutely! Our brushes are multi-functional and can be used with a variety of makeup formulations, including liquid, cream, and powder products.

    How long do the brushes last?

    With proper care and maintenance, our brushes can last for a long time. Regular cleaning and gentle handling will help prolong the lifespan of the brushes.

    Do you offer vegan brushes?

    Yes, we offer vegan brushes that are made from synthetic fibers and are cruelty-free.

    Are the brushes travel-friendly?

    Yes, our brushes are designed to be compact and portable, making them perfect for travel or on-the-go touch-ups.