June is the month of Love & Pride. We are celebrating this month of love by creating these makeup looks. And we are totally obsessed with how they have turned out!

Everyone is Welcomed, Supported & Respected. We’ve created these looks to inspire you & celebrate individuality by expressing creativity & supporting by the way you are. 


Recognise the sunshine and the showers with rainbow tears. 

This look is the easiest look of all. We’ve used our LUMINOUS HD LIP LINER BRUSH. 

  • After concealing pigmentation all over your face, take a colourful glitter palette & draw vertical lines under your eyes. Boom! You’re done! 


pride makeup


How to say PRIDE month, without actually saying it? This look. 🌈 

This look is created by using LUMINOUS HD POWDER BRUSH

  • After applying thin layer of foundation on face and body. Pat colourful hues in shadow-like form & complete the look with star stickers. 


If you weren't born to be subtle, try this bright rainbow eye. 🏳️‍🌈 

This look is created using LUMINOUS HD CREASE BRUSH 

  • Use light eye lid base so the colours pop. Keep warm tones on one eye & cool tones on the other. Blend every shade and you’re good to go! 


We love this squiggle rainbow stripe–it's statement and effective. 

This look is created using LUMINOUS HD BLENDING BRUSH 

  • Stick two makeup tapes horizontally and blend everything together with ombre rainbow finish. Voila!