Guide To Makeup Brushes

Guide To Makeup Brushes

Quite often do we find ourselves looking for the right beauty tools for our ever evolving makeup. And come as it may, we don't wish to compromise our skin in the process. While you may or may not be au fait with makeup, it’s very essential to know which brush you should be using for every makeup product and how they can help in giving you a flawless finish. Looking for a specific brush for your makeup? Get all the information you need below and put an end to your search today!

We at Iris believe in delivering world-class quality, unique, ergonomic and affordable brushes for looks that are inspired, playful and indulgent. We aim to create a space where you can use your imagination and ingenuity to the fullest. Our brushes are dense, soft and are meant to give you a flawless finish while not wasting any product. All our brushes are 100 % cruelty free and can be used for all types of formulations (liquid, powder & cream based). We offer a range of brushes in sets and also give you an option to build your own Makeup Brush Kit!

Here's how our brushes can help you for that perf seamless look!

Base Brushes-

Here are some brushes to help you blend, buff and polish your base the right way:-

1) Luminous HD Foundation Brush- It has densely packed bristles and is uniquely shaped for your ease of use. It's the perfect brush to up your base game. 

Price:- Rs.1399/-

2) Luminous HD Powder brush- This brush has synthetic fibres meant to lock in your complete look. Forget about streaky lines and oily shine by simply sweeping on your favourite loose powder or compact by using our powder brush. 

Price:- Rs.1199/-

3) Luminous HD Contour Brush- This beauty tool is the right option for you to give you that sharp contour look you’ve been longing for! It delivers just the right amount of product to make your features give that edge!

Price:- Rs.1099/-

Face Brushes:-

Your makeup quality turns out better when you use quality brushes, they improve the final look of your makeup. These are some must haves that will help you to end up having a smoother well done and more attractive look!


1) Luminous HD Highlighting brush- Your go to brush to get that glow from within! This highlighting brush is an all makeup brush for sure.

Price:- Rs.999/-

2) Luminous HD Concealer Brush- Tired of dark circles ruining your look? Use this Luminous HD Concealer brush to conceal away your blemishes and enhance your seamless skin.

Price:- Rs.799/-

3) Luminous HD Nose Contour Brush- what better way to garner that attention if not for a sharp, chiseled nose? With the help of our Luminous HD Nose Contour Brush’s ergo-dynamic handle and fine bristles,  that perfect nose.

Price:- Rs. 649/-

4) Luminous HD Eyebrow/Lipstick Brush- Let’s be real, perfectly lined lips and a defined pair of eyebrows go a long way! Our luminous HD Spot Concealer helps you master both.

Price:- Rs. 649/-

5) Luminous HD Spot Concealer/ Color Corrector Brush:- It is an art to cover up an angry spot, but it's easy when you have the Luminous HD Spot Concealer in your arsenal!

Price:- Rs. 649/-

6) Luminous HD Precision Highlight Applicator Brush- This luminous HD brush helps you bring focus to your features and up your glam game!

Price:- Rs. 649/-

Eye Brushes-

Here are some go-to eye brushes that will help you create beautiful looks:-

  • Luminous Eyeshadow Blending Brush- This luminous eyeshadow blending brush is the best tool to get that seamless look on your eye; and can be used for applying, contouring and blending eyeshadows of all formulas.
  • Luminous Eye Shadow Crease Brush:- This brush with its soft, fluffy bristles allows you to apply colour all over the lids, as well as shading and blending.
  • Luminous Eye Shadow Flat Shader Brush:- With the help of this flat shader, rock that super glam shimmer pigments for your eyes. It is carefully shaped for you to get a smooth even finish and minimum shedding application! 
  • Luminous Eye Shadow Pencil BrushWho doesn't love a smokey eye look? What better way to slay it than by using a smooth, tapered, pencil shaped brush! Build for precision and to also highlight the inner corner of your eyes. 
  • Luminous Eye Shadow Angled Brush -This Luminous Eye shadow angled brush is your go to tool for sharp, perfectly lined eyes! Use it for powder, liquid or gel, and make those eyes get all the attention!

Price :- Rs. 3499/-