Gifting Confidence: Iris x Trishala

Gifting Confidence: Iris x Trishala

Get ready to celebrate Women's Day with a twist of kindness and glamour! We're excited to introduce you to the fabulous collaboration between IRIS Cosmetics and the amazing Trishala. Together, we're on a mission to spread smiles, confidence, and a whole lot of love!

The Story Behind the Collaboration

As International Women's Day approaches, Trishala and IRIS Cosmetics have teamed up to create something truly special. It's all about celebrating the incredible women in our lives and reminding them of their beauty and strength.

We are supporting Trishala as she spreads love and appreciation to her friends. Trishala will be gifting Boxes to her friends, these boxes aren't just about the makeup goodies inside; they're about checking in, showing appreciation, and lifting each other up.                                                                                      

What's Inside the Gift Boxes?

Think of these gift boxes as a little bundle of joy! Inside, you'll find three beauty essentials: Ultra-Black Mascara, Smudge-Proof Eyeliner, and Waterproof Kohl Pencil. But they're more than just makeup – they're confidence boosters, designed to make you feel like the superstar you are!

The Heartfelt Message

At the core of this collaboration is a simple yet powerful message: kindness is key. By lifting each other up and spreading positivity, we can create a world where every woman feels valued and empowered.

Join Us on This Journey

So, are you ready to join the fun? Let's spread love and confidence this Women's Day, one glam box at a time. Together, we can make a difference and shine bright like the queens we are!

We uplift, we slay, we are IRIS. Here's to a day filled with love and laughter!