To us, beauty is more than what you are given – it’s your passion, your courage and your inimitable vision!

With that in mind, Nupur Shah, founder and first slay-er, created IRIS.
Straying from a promising career in law, Nupur pushed her boundaries and took her first steps in the world of make-up education, and never looked back.

IRIS was born with the idea to arm you with colour and tools for that canvas you call your skin. Top-notch, luxurious makeup brushes and an incredible range of make-up products for the YOU that the world sees.

IRIS believes in the power of make-up that celebrates you. We want you to unleash your imagination and let your creativity run wild!

IRIS is a place where you encourage each other. Where gender holds no bar. Where colour doesn’t define but inspires.
It’s all about self-confidence, encouraging each other and starting an expressive epidemic!

IRIS wants you to choose what’s right for you, with no one swaying your instincts.

IRIS is an ode – complementing real heroes with real beauty experience. A sense of togetherness and community to reveal the ultimate gorgeousness!

IRIS is make-up for every mood.

Go ahead, rule the world.