All about IRIS Brushes

All about IRIS Brushes

To us, beauty is more than what you are given – it’s your passion, your courage and your inimitable vision!

Why Iris?

We, at Iris, believe in delivering world-class premium quality brushes, for looks that are inspiring. To us, makeup is an expression of creativity and beauty. While the meaning of beauty has changed drastically over the years, we strive to break the stereotypical ways in which beauty is perceived in our country. We believe that beauty is something that we define ourselves and we want to give you the tools for you to paint your own canvas. 

We are Cruelty-Free!

Cruelty freecruelty free

We are a Cruelty-free, Vegan brand. We actively support conserving the environment and all our brushes are made of 100 percent synthetic fibres. Not only does it mean that you are saving the animals, you are also saving yourself from harmful chemical processes.

Densely Packed Bristles

Foundation brush

Our brushes are made of soft synthetic fibres. Our firmly packed bristles are specially crafted to pick up just the right amount of makeup. Our luxurious brushes are soft and fluffy for full coverage. Its dense fibres give you an even application and ensure a long lasting finish. 

Ergonomically Designed Handles

iris brush

Our Iris Luminous HD brushes are carefully designed keeping in mind the convenience and ease of use for our users. Our brushes have uniquely-shaped heads and ergonomic handles for a sturdy grip, giving it a sleek look. Be it to contour your face or to fill in our brows, it helps you all the way! It is a perfect tool for anyone who is taking up makeup as a beginner or even someone who wants to add more to their arsenal.

Works with all Formulations

works with all formulations


Yes, that’s right! Our brushes work with liquid, gel, powder and cream-based formulations without letting any excess stick off. So pick up your favourite cream or powder and get going!